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Introduced Campaigns & Legislation

We are proud to announce our new campaign,Torture Free MD!


Support our new bill, SB887, to help end the use of torture through prolonged isolation in VADOC facilities!

What happened to SB108? 

Unfortunately, bill SB108 would have ended long-term solitary confinement in Virginia by limiting the days of isolation to a maximum of 15 days did not pass. The bill initially showed promise as it successfully passed through the Senate, but it was voted against in the Public Safety Subcommittee #2. 


The bill has turned into a research study, which means that rather than ending long-term confinement, the new proposal will make Virginia officially document the use of restorative housing units. While we were very excited that SB108 was passed and the opportunity to study the usage of solitary confinement in VA prisons had arrived, we are incredibly disheartened to announce that the coalition and it's advisors have had to pull out of the study due to the VDOC being unwilling to follow certain professional, ethical, and moral processes. Click the button below to read our press release or find it on our home page. 

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